Picnic Pack

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Your favorite summer wines in one convenient package! Save 30% off of regular pricing when you buy our Rosé and Syrah wines together. Bright, fresh, and punchy, these two wines have something for everyone and pair great with all foods or nothing at all. Think of both of these wines like a more robust white wine - drink them a bit chilled on a warm day.


Tasting notes courtesy of Winery Reflections.


Rosé tasting notes:

"Temptingly ripe and succulent blasts of strawberry, sweet watermelon, orange peel, and peach lead a delightfully plump and juicy attack effortlessly booming with gobs of thirst quenching fruit-driven refreshment. Notes of crushed gravel and stony minerality playfully contribute clean streaks of earthiness while subtle impressions of mint and wild herbs provide a pinch of exotic charm. Soft suggestions of plucked flower petals and carnations gently lift and liven aromatics while a hint of cherry tomato reveals a dash of umami. Beautifully bright, crisp, and dry on the palate while possessing an interesting combination of depth and drinkability; exhibiting a straightforward and unpretentious yet delicious presentation that is perfectly suited to pairing with food. Medium bodied and balanced nicely by moderate acidity."


Syrah tasting notes:

"Exuberantly youthful and energetic bursts of cranberry, underripe blackberry, sour cherry, and tart pomegranate lead an irresistibly crisp and characterful display playfully bursting with gobs of unpretentious juiciness and crunch. Well integrated herbal hints of thyme, fennel, and mint leaf provide a pinch of non-fruit complexity while subtle flecks of white pepper add an understated yet interesting spiciness. Mild suggestions of plucked flower petals gently impart bits of floral lift delicately underlaid with clean earthy notes of limestone and fresh salinity. Charmingly bright, lean, and crushable on the palate with an unquestionably fun and thirst-quenching personality; exhibiting a pure-fruited and pretty presentation that is complex and intriguing yet still chillable and perfectly refreshing. Light bodied with barely-there tannin backed by elevated acidity. This 2021 Central Coast Syrah by Metas Altas is an unconventional yet delicious red from California. "