Metas Altas is based in Paso Robles, CA

California's Central Coast is where it's at, folks. Looking to see and experience why California is called the Golden State? Come stop by Paso Robles. Smell the tall grass, enjoy the ocean, and drink the wine. 

Speaking of wine and Paso Robles, this region is a larger AVA (American Viticultural Area), subdivided into smaller AVAs. For our first vintage, we sourced our Cabernet from the Estrella District. For our second vintage, we sourced our grapes from the Templeton Gap District. For our third vintage? That's a secret for now, but we'll give you a hint: *it's somewhere in Paso*

Take a look at the map below to gain some bearing. Which sub regions do your favorite Paso Robles wines come from?

Paso Robles AVA Map